Project management.

To formalize an expertise

Dexa aims to be innovative and unique, exceeding expectations through project management and a thorough understanding of the customer’s business, needs and environment. Our approach is tailored towards expertise of the products themselves as well as each individual organization, which also involves taking into consideration timescales and budget.

Why ?

Online buying has significantly impacted upon store shop-fit departments with organizations now scaling back on this previously ‘in house’ resource. They often outsource the purchasing function to agencies that are challenged with sourcing suppliers.

Being the link.

To share information

DEXA use two types of internet-based database systems to share information with their clients. The first is customer interactive, with access to information and products as part of an online ordering service. A step by step process allows for the creation of site specific designs through which plans and/or quotations are created. The second is a straightforward database of products. Developed by DEXA for their customer to grant access to their desired end users, perhaps as part of a campaign, it is more of an online brochure.

Why ?

Photos, plans, specifications, administrative records, minutes are all stored in a huge library of information which the customers requires quick and seamless access to from any location as part of the process of measuring their achievements against their goals  throughout their project from start to finish.


Our daily actions

Dexa is certified ISO 14001. DEXA has got SWA (Supplier Workplace Accountability) agrrement.  Our preoccupation with the continuing development of sustainable solutions is to ensure maximum benefits are achieved for the environment, the products and the customer. Airless packaging, for example, has seen an increase in the number of items that can be transported in one load, discounted logistics costs, and a reduction in our carbon footprint.

Why ?

For the sake of future generations we feel compelled to do everything humanly possible to protect our environment and suppliers are now having to offer more responsible solutions, such as LED alternatives, for their customers choose from should they wish.


To understand, design and manufacture

DEXA have chosen to focus on engineering with among others the use of a 3D CAD system and calling on specialists to make the components used in its products. The sending of the 3D files used by its suppliers for the manufacture ensures thereby optimum quality when controlled by us. DEXA assembly capacity, through its partners, is always based on the needs of its Customers.

Dexa has a factory in order to get the know-how and make the high quality product.

Why ?

To equip a Point of Sale is to make use of know-how, Signs, furniture, etc. Provide one of these equipments is to make an industrial choice, so to be equipped with general machinery to meet the specifics needs.

Logistic & tracking.

45 countries

DEXA ships its products in 45 countries with lead times from 2 to 7 days for the simple products in express delivery. DEXA with its logistics partner, continuously tracks about the progress of the process. For orders that are in project management and that require on-site delivery for installation, we work with partners who receive the equipment in their warehouses or directly on site. We also guarantee the traceability of the products through serial numbers.

Why ?

Follow-up is essential to communicate seamlessly; all e-commerce players have to provide this service to their Customers. We widened this tracking to all our projects.

Minute records & installation.

Our partnership is the key to success

DEXA calls on quantity surveyors and installers for audit and installation in all European countries. These partners bring their added value with their perfect knowledge of the countries where they operate and of the products they install. The quality of the site audit will determine the success of the project; that’s why our partners provide the site survey in order to anticipate installation constraints. DEXA provides them all the necessary and useful documents they need to work in good conditions. In addition, our partners give our Customers a user guide.

Why ?

A proverb says “the real winner seeks long term relationship”. This is what we do with our partners, because they are the ambassadors of our products. They are the first Customers during installation and they have the responsibility to deliver our products in perfect working condition.