Environmental approach.


Eco-design is part of DEXA’s DNA, we have chosen to contribute to this major issue by monitoring a simple and effective dashboard with only 13 items. It allows us to show proofs of the benefits of our concept during the process of manufacturing a product. But it is also and above all a tremendous vector for savings. Take for example the item of “Packaging Air Less”: this consists in having as little air as possible between the product and its packaging in order to reduce the size of the packaging, increase the number of products transported for an equivalent surface, reduce its logistics cost and therefore its carbon impact.

DEXA is ISO 14000 certified

According to Afnor: the ISO14001 standard is a strong act that commits to improving
environmental performance. It proves that the organization has established a culture of
listening to interested parties and taking into account local environmental issues (pollution,
etc.) and global (biodiversity, climate change, preservation of natural resources, etc.).

This certification has given us :

The determination of the conformity of all or parts of the DEXA management system based on the requirements of the certification.

Assessment of the capacity of the management system to ensure that the DEXA organization meets applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements;

Evaluating the effectiveness of the management system to ensure that the DEXA
organization consistently meets its specified objectives ;

Identification of the parts of the management system that could be improved.

DEXA is SWA certified

SWA program initiated by McDonald's for its suppliers:

“Why it matters

Human rights are universal rights intrinsic to every human being; they include the right to equality and freedom from discrimination. While individual states have a duty to protect human rights, it is widely acknowledged that businesses also have a responsibility to respect them within their sphere of influence.”