combination of Design and

Our history.

The creation of DEXA in 2021 by DEnis AUMIS et Xavier PERRAULT is the result of the meeting experience in the equipment of Point of Sale networks, by a new vision of the Customer-Supplier relationship, with a different offer of resolutely European products, to respond to the change of this market.

The market of DEXA is made up of European POS networks, mainly livened up by Franchisees, whose equipments, created by Designers, are used during several years such as signs, furniture,  long-lasting POS advertising, and so on…

Since 2017, DEXA joined MERIM Groupe and added the expertise of the shop fiiting at the signs, Drive thru Lane signage and, to the digital ecosystem.

Our areas of expertise.

Project management

Dexa aims to be innovative and unique, exceeding expectations through project management and a thorough understanding of the customer’s business, needs and environment…

Being the link

DEXA use two types of internet-based database systems to share information with their clients. The first is customer interactive, with access to information and products as part of an online ordering service…


Dexa is certified ISO 14001. DEXA has got SWA (Supplier Workplace Accountability) agrrement…


DEXA have chosen to focus on engineering with among others the use of a 3D CAD system and calling on specialists to make the components used in its products…

Logistic & tracking

DEXA ships its products in 45 countries with lead times from 2 to 7 days for the simple products in express delivery. 

Minute records & installation

DEXA calls on quantity surveyors and installers for audit and installation in all European countries. hese partners bring their added value with their perfect knowledge of the countries where they operate and of the products they install…

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