DEXA Projects Management


DEXA Projects Management DEXA Projects Management DEXA Projects Management DEXA Projects Management DEXA Projects Management DEXA Projects Management

To understand, design and manufacture

DEXA and MERIM SERVICES have chosen to focus on engineering with among others the use of a 3D CAD system and calling on specialists to make the components used in its products. The sending of the 3D files used by its suppliers for the manufacture ensures thereby optimum quality when controlled by us. DEXA and MERIM SERVICES’s assembly capacity, through its partners, is always based on the needs of its Customers.
MERIM SERVICES has a factory in Saint Gaultier (France) in order to get the know-how and make the high quality product.

Why ?

To equip a Point of Sale is to make use of know-how, Signs, furniture, POS advertising, etc. Provide one of these equipments is to make an industrial choice, so to be equipped with general machinery to meet the needs. Today, the evolution is so fast that having general skills will bring you to be industrially obsolete, so to impose your technical solutions to survive. For example: for over 50 years, illuminated signs used these two technologies: Neon and fluorescent tubes; the sign maker perfectly mastered these two components and had organized its plant to meet demand. LED lighting has revolutionized the lighting market by the decreasing consumption, the increase in the lifetime and in offering a wide range of products. So an illuminated sign can have a specific lighting system, whose lifetime goes up to the obsolescence of the concept. The choice of this LED can only be done with a specialist and this specific issue is also found with digital printing, painting, sheet metal industry, thermoforming…