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« We must always start from the satisfaction of wants, since they are the end of all production.» (Joseph Schumpeter)

MERIM SERVICES has been created in 1999 by Jean Jacques MULLERIS

The creation of DEXA is the result of the meeting of 30 years’ experience in the equipment of Point of Sale networks, by a new vision of the Customer-Supplier relationship, with a different offer of resolutely European products, to respond to the change of this market.

The market of DEXA is made up of European POS networks, mainly livened up by Franchisees, whose equipments, created by Designers, are used during several years such as signs, furniture, long-lasting POS advertising, and so on…

Denis AUMIS, Sales Engineer, has served as Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing and Business Unit Director for companies active in finishing works stage, and in particular in the field of Signs and of POS equipment, for Customers coming from national and international networks.

Xavier PERRAULT, Production Engineer, has worked as Director of Consultancy, Industrial Director and as C.E.O. in factories manufacturing wood and metal commercial furniture and within companies specialized in shop fitting and POS design.

The combination of these two companies allows brings a new response equipment for the point of sales